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Inaugural SRT Recap: Spring 2011

On behalf of The Southern Roundtable, let us first thank all of our loyal workshop editors, blog subscribers, poll participants, and especially our invited guest bloggers, for making this past semester–our inaugural semester, no less–such a success in terms of … Continue reading

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Four Horsemen of the Acropolis, Or, The Debauch of a Southern Queen

Disclaimer: It should be noted from the outset that this expose´ on the exploits of the four historical horsemen who shall be introduced momentarily is rather overdue.  The events shortly recounted occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Queen City in … Continue reading

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Taking a New Stand? Welcome to The Southern Roundtable Blog.

As financially–and perhaps culturally–bankrupted southrons struggled against the surging tide of the Depression, a gifted coterie of southern historians, poets, playwrights, and literary critics “took their stand” in 1930. At the mocking typewriter of satirist Henry Louis Mencken (and others), … Continue reading

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