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SRT Poll #1: Athens BBQ


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Four Horsemen of the Acropolis, Or, The Debauch of a Southern Queen

Disclaimer: It should be noted from the outset that this expose´ on the exploits of the four historical horsemen who shall be introduced momentarily is rather overdue.  The events shortly recounted occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Queen City in … Continue reading

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Abolishing History’s Asylum: Contesting the Legacy of John Brown by Andrew Epstein

Introduction: Guest Blogger—Andrew Epstein Just who is this Andrew Epstein? According his own, self-titled blog, he’s a carpetbagger in our midst, straight from the Big Apple.  With that in mind, you’re probably also wondering what in the world of Albion … Continue reading

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Cheatham Street Warehouse and the Outlaw Songwriting Tradition in Texas by Dr. Gregg Andrews

Introduction: Guest Blogger — Dr. Gregg Andrews When I first met Dr. Gregg Andrews, I instinctively liked him, but then I have met few people who wear white snakeskin boots so easily that I did not get along with.  Having … Continue reading

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Need Work: Part-Time Bushwhacker

Need Work: Part-Time Bushwhacker By Matthew C. Hulbert Imagine this scene. A group of well-armed (that is, to the teeth) men methodically approach the dimly lit home of an alleged Unionist in rural Missouri. The exact plot of land or … Continue reading

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