SRT Polls #4 and #5: Sesquicentennial Series

In honor of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War (or at least its beginning), Bowtied and Fried will feature a series of polls featuring the war, its battles, its personalities, and its lingering controversies.

Please note: Bowtied and Fried apologizes in advance for the potential absence of your favorite Civil War personalities (that means you, South Carolinians!)

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6 Responses to SRT Polls #4 and #5: Sesquicentennial Series

  1. RCP says:

    Where the hell is Wade Hampton? I just wanted to beat JHW the III to it.

  2. Raffi says:

    John Singleton Mosby!

  3. MCH says:

    I figured JHW3 would be looking for Edmund Ruffin not Wade Hampton.

  4. Andrew Epstein says:

    Favorite Civil War Instigator/Beacon of Truth: John Brown

  5. JHW says:

    Wade Hampton and his legion certainly deserve mention, so thanks to the Hon. RCP for his consideration. But it’s hard to go wrong with a man known for his irascible tenacity on the battlefield and his piety and peculiarity off of it; I’m speaking of course of Gen. Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson. Any man who sucks lemons for pleasure deserves idolatry in my mind. And he wouldn’t be “Stonewall” without Barnard E. Bee, of Charleston, S.C. (and in the family tree of yours truly!) who uttered his famous words at First Manassas before succumbing to Yankee bullets and retiring to his grave in Pendleton, S.C., a mere stone’s throw away from the seat of S.C. genius, Fort Hill, home of one John Caldwell Calhoun. So the great state of South Carolina is fairly, if indirectly, well represented.

  6. MCH says:

    Raffi–I almost included the Gray Ghost… but I figured if we started with one guerrilla, we’d also have to list Quantrill and company… and the poll can only have so many choices. At some point in the future SRT will try to set up a hypothetical dueling bracket using the polls to decide who wins. John Brown vs. Mosby?

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