SRT Poll #3: BBQ Styles

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5 Responses to SRT Poll #3: BBQ Styles

  1. RCP says:

    Texas BBQ is also primarily beef BBQ, whereas all these others are traditionally pork. The “Memphis” style may also be misleading, since Memphis ribs are often smoked with a dry rub, and the sweet, tangy sauce is optional on the side. Variations also occur regionally as to whether the meat should be chopped, pulled, or sliced, and of course sides (I have a feeling JHWIII might enjoy some hash) are some of the most important differences.

  2. JHW says:

    As a born native of the South Carolina Lowcountry I’ve always resented Eastern North Carolina for wantonly bestowing her name to the vinegar/mustard based BBQ I love best. Should I ever achieve tenure in this profession (precarious for certain), I intend to take it out for a spin on a project rectifying this dubious historical claim. I guess I shouldn’t slight the Old North State though, as BBQ’s one of the few things they can claim–historically–over those of us to the South! And the Hon. RCP is spot on, I do enjoy some good hash, served piping hot over Carolina Gold rice. It’s the perfect compliment to pulled pork smothered in a sauce exhibiting the perfect ratio of vinegar and mustard. But a bowl of Brunswick Stew is no slack second option.

    • RCP says:

      Your exasperation with the Old North State is entirely understood, as Georgia has similar discord with the Old Dominion. Imagine holding the absurdly preposterous notion that Brunswick Stew originated in Brunswick County, VA! Any fool–other than those in Virginia, which I’m told are a most plentiful breed–will tell you that Brunswick, GA, is the proud progenitor of said delicacy. I’m sure you, to whom South Georgia is as familiar a sight as the bottom of an empty bowl of hash on rice, understand my vexation.

  3. MCH says:

    JHW: Before you start the sectional crisis back up, please keep in mind that we’re more interested in “styles” than the regional/state monikers used to describe them.

    RCP: Distinctions of each style duly noted, but the poll only allows so many choices.

    Brunswick > Hash

  4. Andrew Epstein says:

    didn’t realize the native american roots of bbq until reading this entry in the new georgia encyclopeida:

    pretty interesting…

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