SRT Poll #2: Southern Authors

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4 Responses to SRT Poll #2: Southern Authors

  1. RCP says:

    Perhaps this list is divided into Old and New? I’m partial to the absent William Styron and Pat Conroy, myself.

  2. Angela says:

    I do not think I can pick. I mean, no RCP or MCH as a choice? Nope, can’t pick.

  3. MCH says:

    Ha well clearly a published author like RCP belongs on the list but I’m just a wide eyed young grad student.

  4. JHW says:

    I second the need for an Old South/New South division. I’m partial to my fellow South Carolinian William Gilmore Simms, but William Faulkner and his punctuation-deprived, stream-of-consciousness sentence structure occupies nothing short of idol status in my heart and mind. But let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of ’em–greatness abounds in Southern literature!

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